James Brook.


This is a body of work I am creating that responds to the overwhelming pressure you receive as a young person to do sports and it will reflect the gender expectations often felt by young males that they need to live up to. I felt this as a young male because of the way society has trained us to feel the need to fit in and heighten masculinity by doing specific activites, as well as being driven by peer pressure of other males around them conforming to this.

I played football for most of my childhood and can clearly remember hating being forced in to this, with my position being the goal keeper, the most vivid memory I have is that one late autumn game whilst it was was snowing heavily I sat down on the goal line and let the ball pass me by because I despised doing the sport so much and is where I begun to question my reasons for playing football and why, despite my obvious lack of interest, I was still been made to attend. The pressure I personally received was from my grandad who passed away late 2016 and it was always at the forefront of my childhood since he could no longer to do sport and in his eyes it made me a 'proper young lad.' I am going to reflect on my childhood and all these emotions and experiences I felt, through the photographs and they will be added to this ongoing project. 

Images 1-8 Taken September 2016 - December 2016

In memory of Jim Brook.

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